Download the Free Data Export Auditor for SAP TODAY!

The new tool will have you in control and monitoring your data quickly and securely. Keep track of all the transactions performed in your SAP system by all the users. Never be without the knowledge of who is accessing your data again.


Protecting information that leaves SAP

Halocore for SAP NetWeaver: Secure your sensitive SAP information from malicious or accidental loss even outside your perimeter network. Discover revolutionary technology that keeps your critical business information safe anywhere by enforcing protection on the data/documents themselves.

  • Instant security
  • Permanent protection with Microsoft RMS
  • Mobility
  • Advanced auditing & reporting


Monitoring information wherever it goes

Data Export Auditor for SAP: Always be in the know. Don’t leave your company at risk by failing to monitor the usage of sensitive information. Learn the Who, What, and Where of all activity surrounding confidential information, recorded and classified for simple, functional, and secure monitoring.

  • Extract data for more powerful analysis. 
  • Identify who downloads what by name and file.
  • View where data is going by path, terminal and IP address



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