Pavlov gave the reflex activity of the brain to a new level by creating a theory of higher nervous activity (behavior) of humans and animals, its manifestations in normal and pathological conditions. Scientific activities Pavlov developed in three main areas: the study of the major problems of the physiology of buy Retin-A circulation (1874-1889 gg.), The physiology of digestion (1889- 1901 gg.), Higher nervous activity (1901 - 1936 gg.). In 1904 Pavlov was the largest international award - the Nobel Prize. In 1935, shortly before the death of Ivan Pavlov, the International Physiological Congress awarded him the title "Elder physiologists of the world." Disciples and followers of Pavlov were Orbeli, Anokhin, brand cialis, Asratyan, KM Bykov and many others that his fundamental works contributed to the further development of the basic provisions of the theory of higher nervous activity . Dissemination of science studies in the higher forms of nervous activity was based on the principles of determinism (causality), structure. The study of higher nervous activity on the basis of further development of the reflex theory, the identification of the objective laws of this activity is the brightest page of modern science. The contribution of Russian scientists in the world of science about the brain is recognized, much has been done in the study of the localization of function in the brain (Bekhterev, NA Mislavsky etc..) Physiology of the brain and other vital body systems successfully developed in Europe and in the United States . The basic principles of coordination of brain activity have been developed and formulated by Charles S. Sherrington (1856-1952 gg.). His work, together with the results of electrophysiologist ED Adrian (1889-1977 gg.) Was in 1932 awarded the Nobel Prize. For the study of capillary circulation has received the Nobel Prize A

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The new tool will have you in control and monitoring your data quickly and securely. Keep track of all the transactions performed in your SAP system by all the users. Never be without the knowledge of who is accessing your data again.


Protecting information that leaves SAP

Halocore for SAP NetWeaver: Secure your sensitive SAP information from malicious or accidental loss even outside your perimeter network. Discover revolutionary technology that keeps your critical business information safe anywhere by enforcing protection on the data/documents themselves.

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ASUG Georgia Chapter Meeting - Sept 2014

TAG Information Security Society Presents: CISO Panel Discussion

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Data Export Auditor for SAP: Always be in the know. Don’t leave your company at risk by failing to monitor the usage of sensitive information. Learn the Who, What, and Where of all activity surrounding confidential information, recorded and classified for simple, functional, and secure monitoring.

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SECUDE’s Halocore 2.1 for SAP NetWeaver® Is Certified as Powered by SAP NetWeaver®

SECUDE Releases Halocore for SAP NetWeaver 2.0 with Full Cloud Support Running on Microsoft’s Azure

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A New Era in HR Security for SAP

Secure downloaded SAP data with Halocore, exclusive partner webinar

BYOD Webinar for SAP: Securing Data in a Mobile World

Solving Security, Collaboration and Mobility Challenges in SAP with Microsoft Technologies




BYOD Best Practices: Securing Your Mobile Data

What’s at risk with BYOD? Biggest Threats to Mobile Devices

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