eBook: How to Easily Protect and Track CAD Files that are CUI for CMMC Compliance

Protect sensitive data.
Prevent costly leaks.
Ensure regulatory and CMMC compliance.

Secude extends Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) to SAP data exports and CAD files, preventing data leakage, reputational damage and non-compliance. Ease the burden of CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification). Learn more about CMMC compliance.

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Are your sensitive files secure if they fall into the wrong hands?

With thousands of employees, partners and devices, today’s enterprise businesses risk costly and time-consuming data breaches without automatic file security.

Automatic Zero Trust Protection

Zero Trust. Zero Gaps.

Secude’s application-level security adds lifelong authorization tags to SAP data exports and CAD files, so they’re protected even if moved outside of your business.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) Extension

Trusted Microsoft Partner.

As a leading member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Secude extends MPIP protection to your SAP data exports and CAD files.

Essential Data Monitoring

Encrypt, Track, Store, Comply.

Secude extends encryption to sensitive files wherever they travel and provides in-depth monitoring of file access, storing the relevant data to prove compliance.

Be secure with Secude

Protect your data. Protect your brand. Protect your future.

Lifelong data protection

End reliance on incomplete perimeter security.

As Secude controls data access from the application layer, sensitive SAP and CAD information is always protected from data breaches.

Revenue and reputation

Share files with peace of mind.

The average data breach costs $4.45 million to resolve, but Secude’s automatic data protection prevents data leaks, bad press and costly losses when downloading or sharing sensitive files.

Regulatory compliance

Be compliant, avoid fines, win business.

From CMMC to GDPR, Secude’s automatic data-centric protection and detailed tracking enable you to easily demonstrate compliance to auditors, avoid fines and win contracts.

Protect sensitive SAP data exports with HaloCORE


HaloCORE automatically monitors and secures all data exported from SAP wherever it travels, preventing data leakage and simplifying compliance.

Protect valuable IP data with HaloCAD.


HaloCAD is the only MPIP extension that automatically secures CAD files from within the CAD application, protecting your IP and safeguarding your future.

“Our exposure would be huge without HaloCORE”

Protect your data.
Protect your future.