eBook: How to Easily Protect and Track CAD Files that are CUI for CMMC Compliance
Use Cases

CAD Security

HaloCAD® is the only MPIP extension that automatically secures CAD files, protecting your IP and safeguarding your future.

Secure collaboration.

From manufacturing and construction to technology and telecommunications, enterprise companies' CAD files contain their intellectual property, such as product blueprints, designs and technical drawings. When collaborating with partners across the production chain, this business-critical information becomes vulnerable as companies share this information outside their IT boundaries. HaloCAD automatically applies Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) to CAD files, enforcing authorized access control beyond your IT perimeter and securing vital information when partnering with companies that don't have stringent security. With HaloCAD, your sensitive IP data is protected no matter where it travels.

Data protection even if files are leaked or stolen.

The average data breach costs $4.45 million, but CAD file leaks incur an even greater cost: endangering your company’s future by putting valuable IP on the line and risking reputational damage among partners and customers. HaloCAD’s embedded MPIP protection goes beyond traditional threat detection by enforcing data access control from inception and protecting sensitive CAD files even if they fall into the wrong hands (i.e. accidental leaks or cyber attacks). With HaloCAD, your sensitive data is protected by default.


Compliance as a competitive advantage.

Data security is vital to regulatory, governmental and intra-company compliance (i.e. due diligence for business deals), especially if you work with CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) files. Without automatic file security, companies struggle to prove their data is secure, hindering their ability to win contracts and increasing the risk of non-compliance fines. HaloCAD’s in-built security enables you to easily demonstrate compliance to auditors, avoid penalties and win business by showcasing top-of-the-range data protection (i.e. meeting CMMC requirements for working with the US Federal Government). With HaloCAD, compliance becomes a competitive edge.

Protect your data.
Protect your future.