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[Part 1] 10 Use Cases for Advanced CAD Data Protection

In this two-part blog series, we try to present an exhaustive list of all the HALOCAD use cases for advanced CAD data protection.

June 27, 2022
[Part 1] 10 Use Cases for Advanced CAD Data Protection

CAD Data Protection with HALOCAD - Part 1

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is used to accomplish preliminary design and layouts, design details, and calculations, creating 3D Models, creating and releasing drawings, as well as interfacing with analysis, marketing, manufacturing, and end-user personnel.

While it is very versatile, CAD is used extensively in designing tools and equipment required in the manufacturing and construction domain. CAD enables design engineers to layout and develop their work on a computer screen, print and save it for future editing.

While CAD files have improved the pace of manufacturing industries to a speed never known before, the risk of data loss or data theft is also equally high.

Since it is digitally created and distributed, forwarding these files in unprotected format can result in data loss and theft. Quite often these files are shared with third-party vendors and suppliers and once it leaves the protected environment they can be easily misused.

Therefore, protecting CAD file data is very crucial to running the business. Identity, access, and usage management systems add a layer of security to the business network. Such systems will help you keep track of user activity. It prevents unauthorized access and usage.

Three Simple Tips to Keep Your CAD Files Safe and Secure

The use cases given below emphasize the access and usage management provided by SECUDE’s HALOCAD to enable CAD security.

1. HALOCAD support for Standalone access and usage control for CAD applications

Access and usage control is a method of identifying users who they say they are and that they have the appropriate access to company data. At a broad level, access and usage control is a selective restriction of who accesses and uses the data. When you do not implement access and usage controls, it leads to catastrophic results. HALOCAD extends Microsoft Information Protection in native CAD environments and uses encryption to protect CAD files. Protected files can only be opened and modified by authorized users outside the company’s network.

2. Authoring (usage) controls in MS Office Desktop integration with PLM

An authoring system allows teams of any size to work collaboratively no matter where in the world they are based. Thus, removing any analyzing and review process lag ensures utilizing your team’s talent and expertise. HALOCAD enables authoring usage controls in MS Office Desktop integration with PLM systems.

3. Authoring (usage) controls in PLM-CAD integration

CAD-PLM integration allows designers and their extended supply chain to manage the design process and collaborate from one central application, independent of the CAD tools they use. HALOCAD enables authoring usage controls in such PLM-CAD integrations.

4. Multi-supplier differential access support for the same CAD file

Third parties, business partners, and vendors are the highest risks to an organization’s cybersecurity. Third-party remote access creates a unique opportunity for hackers to infiltrate the system. Implementing a data security application such as HALOCAD will enable safe multi- supplier differential access to the CAD file.

5. Role-based differential access support (Designer, Engineer, Partner, etc.) for the same sensitivity label

Role-based access control is an access control method that assigns permissions to end-users based on their role within your organization.

HALOCAD provides role-based differential access support and offers fine-grained control and a manageable approach to access management which is less error-prone than individually assigning permissions.

6. Enable outsourced CAD data to be access-controlled based on specific duration

Outsourced operations involve handling and processing customer transactions and sensitive personal information. Therefore, in outsourcing, there is the risk of data theft occurring domestically. Security controls must be implemented to mitigate such risks. HALOCAD enables outsourced CAD data to be access-controlled based on specific duration. If a user tries to access the data beyond the specified duration, access is denied, thus ensuring CAD security.

7. Enable offline data access when there is no internet or network connection through appropriate rule definitions

Appropriate rule definitions in HALOCAD allow secure offline data access even when there is no internet or network connection.

8. Disable features icons and menus in CAD for view-only files

For the view-only files, the user can only view the file and cannot make changes or modify the file. HALOCAD disables feature icons and menus for view-only files and thus prevents unauthorized access to these icons and menus.

9. Disable PrtScr and Snipping tool options for view-only files

HALOCAD disables the print screen options and snipping tool options for the view-only files. Thus, an unauthorized user cannot copy or print any information.

10. Multi-CAD and PLM versions support as per the respective vendors’ end-of-life norms

End of Life is a term indicating that it is ending or limiting its support on the product or version to shift focus on their newer products or version control. HALOCAD provides Multi-CAD and PLM versions support according to the respective vendors’ end-of-life norms.


While we have listed some of the use cases of HALOCAD, most of which are related to access and usage control, in the next blog we cover more advanced features HALOCAD offers in CAD protection.

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