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HaloCORE automatically monitors and secures all data exported from SAP, preventing data leakage and simplifying compliance.

Direct SAP integration.

HaloCORE embeds Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) directly into SAP’s application layer, protecting files from the point of origin.

Controlled access to SAP files.

HaloCORE automatically blocks unauthorized SAP downloads and controls access to SAP data exports outside your IT perimeter.

Detailed SAP data monitoring.

HaloCORE tracks all SAP data exports, monitoring background data transfers, providing detailed access logs and storing information required for compliance, and integrates the data with SIEM solutions.

Secure by default.

Integrated at the application layer, HaloCORE automatically protects internal and external SAP data from unauthorized access without any hindrances to business as usual. As files are encrypted beyond the system, you can extract and share business-critical data with peace of mind.

Reputational and financial security.

As SAP files contain sensitive financial and non-public insider information, data leaks are particularly costly. HaloCORE ensures your SAP data stays protected even if leaked or stolen, saving you money, time, stress and bad press.

Use Case

SAP Security

Compliance made easy.

HaloCORE’s detailed monitoring tracks file access, usage and downloads beyond your IT perimeter, providing clear oversight of where your files are, who’s attempting to view them and what users have done. HaloCORE logs all this compliance-critical data in an accessible format so you can easily comply with legal and financial data requirements, such as GDPR.

Technical Information

HaloCORE is integrated in SAP as a standard add-on and certified for the latest SAP versions every year, including SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA.
HaloCORE enables granular SAP access control by leveraging SAP business metadata, user or data attributes.
HaloCORE uses Data Stream Intelligence (DSI) for monitoring background data transfers between the SAP system and other systems (SAP or Non-SAP) using exchange methods like RFC, IDoc or Webservice.
HaloCORE’s rich data integrates with SIEM solutions, including Azure Sentinel.

“HaloCORE not only provides security, but also a compliance solution so we can check in detail who did what and when.”

Protect your data.
Protect your future.