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Use Cases

SAP Security

HaloCORE® automatically monitors and secures all data exported from SAP, preventing data leakage and simplifying compliance.

Zero Trust protection for SAP data exports.

From collaborating with external partners to preparing year-end accounts, SAP users regularly download confidential data to generate reports, spreadsheets and PDFs. But as soon as SAP data leaves the internal system, this sensitive information becomes vulnerable. HaloCORE’s MPIP extension embeds automatic Zero Trust protection directly into your SAP files, so business-critical data is always protected from unauthorized access both inside and outside your IT perimeter. With HaloCORE, you have peace of mind no matter where your SAP data travels.

End damaging data breaches.

Targeted attacks, insider threats, accidental leaks: with thousands of employees, partners and devices, there are endless ways your sensitive SAP data can fall into the wrong hands. HaloCORE’s lifelong access control and detailed monitoring protects your financial and non-public information even if it’s accidentally disclosed (i.e. insider information during closed accounting periods) or stolen (i.e. cyber attacks). With HaloCORE, you not only prevent costly and time-consuming data breaches (the average data breach costs $4.45 million), but also avoid reputational damage.


Always protected, always compliant.

The SAP system holds companies' most confidential financial and management information, as well as the private HR and personal data of employees and customers. Businesses need to prove the security of this data for regulatory compliance with unauthorized access leading to heavy fines. HaloCORE’s automatic data protection and in-depth tracking of internal and external SAP data makes it easy to prove compliance to regulators (i.e. for ISO 27001) and avoid GDPR violations (with fines up to €20 million) even if data is lost or an employee moves to a new role with different access permissions. With HaloCORE, ensuring compliance is simple.

Protect your data.
Protect your future.